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Space-grade Metal Mesh development

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Our metal mesh adopt ultra thin (10μm-30μm)metal wires or high-standard plated metal wires to make various hole size, area density and tension performance in advanced weaving techniques.
The metal mesh can be customized in various materials according to the customers requirements, like gold plated tungsten wire metal mesh,gold plated molybdenum wire metal mesh and stainless steel metal mesh,etc.
Technical indices:
Microwave frequency reflectivity:≥95%
Metal wire diameter:≤30μm
Metal wire tensile strength:≥1400 MPa
Metal mesh contact resistance:≤5Ω
longitudinal elongation : > 20%
Horizontal elongation : > 20%
●The quality of our metal mesh has already been verified by spaceflight
●Space Star metal nets is equipped with automated production lines
●Customization:our metal nets can be designed with different electrical performance by changing metal wires material and weaving parameters
●Isotropy: the mechanical performance and electricity performance of our mesh is equipped with isotropy
●Low weight: Gold plated Molybdenum Wires Metal Nets is made of molybdenum wires
●High reflectivity
●Uniform structure:the size of our metal mesh is uniform
●Can undertake temperature from -196℃ to 250℃
●Spacecraft deployable antenna reflector
●Ground deployable antenna reflector
●Microwave protection
●electromagnetic shielding
●Special fiber mesh fabric
We can provide gold plated metal wires,metal mesh/nets, metal nets related products,carbon fiber braided products.Space-grade Metal Mesh development

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