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20 Dec

In 2006, HCPT announced that it retained Siemens to design, build and operate state-of-the-art 2G and 3G nationwide wireless networks.HCPT launched its commercial services on 30 March 2007 under the 3 brand.On March 31, 2007 Hutch Essar sold its 67.1% stake to Vodafone.Even after selling the Orange Brand to Mannesmann AG in February 1999, Hutchison continued its use in Israel.Recently they have sold the controlling stake in this venture to Scailex Corporation.

The brand surpassed the one million customer mark within six months of launch, mostly in the prepaid segment.

At the end of September 2009, HCPT's customer base grew to approximately 7.3 million.

The company's Sri Lankan operation, commonly known as Hutch, is growing fast.

In early 2007, Hutchison Telecom made headlines by selling its 67% interest in the Indian mobile phone network Hutch Essar to Vodafone for US.1 billion (of which billion was debt).

In 2009, Hutchison sold its controlling stake in Orange Israel to Scailex Corporation.