2 way cam adult free

21 Apr

Speaking from first hand experience I have seen the power of the dash cam in preventing people from doing things they may otherwise be inclined to say or do in your car which might be unsafe.The 2 way dash cam is the perfect device for monitoring the activities of the outside and inside of your car at all times while driving.One month later I picked up some passenger from a bar again at 2am, it was a husband and his wife.

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After these two incidences I reflected a bit and decided that I needed to do something about this. I still drove people home at 2am for a while but once the passengers got a view of the Warning sticker that they are under surveillance and then seeing the actually camera, I could tell that passengers, the potentially bad ones anyway, started acting more politely.

I simply stopped driving passengers after midnight.

Up until midnight drivers are usually driving people to bars and night clubs, after midnight you are going to end up picking them up, but in an intoxicated state.

If a drivers is willing to work the past midnight shift, they will do very well monetarily as surges typically occur on fares during those time, but the risk was too much for me to justify the extra income.

Last summer, I was standing at a red light as the sole vehicle, I was rear ended by a lady at 40 miles per hours.