24hr adult chat

19 Mar

Shows consists of your custom desires within my personal boundaries.

Examples of things I like to perform include (not limited to) JOI, CEI, Sub/Dom, Feet Fetish, Dress up, Strip Tease, Toy play, Anal with small toys only, and Squirting! Privates allow others to watch for 30 tokens per min.

Infrequent Ketamine use has fewer long-term side-effects.

To learn more about Ketamine effects, or for help finding a treatment program, call 800-601-3889.

Privates are 60 tokens per min with a 500 tokens minimum.

If you would like a recording of our show, I ask you to have at least 3000 tokens ready.

Ketamine will make the user feel as if he or she is tired and could cause blackouts.

When a user has taken Ketamine in a large dose, the effects could be that of being in a “k-hole.” K-Hole is the term used to describe the out-of-body experience that a user experiences when a large amount of Ketamine is taken.