Abslute online dating

30 Mar

There are now plenty of public service announcements explaining to kids what is really going on at the other end of that circuit, and that’s a good thing.

The problem is that online predators have their claws dug in so deeply with kids on chan sites and the like, that those kids believe everything they are told, including that adults are lying, exaggerating, that the pedophile problem isn’t as bad as they say, that there is no such thing as an online predator because it was all made up by the FBI to control people on the net.

There are a lot of reasons I would support the ACLU.

All this has changed with the dawn of internet sites like My Space, Facebook, Live Journal, and yes, chan.I’ve been receiving quite a few hits from people searching for child porn on chan, so this is my little expose dedication to them. Well, “chan” by definition is nothing more than internet speak. The short of it is, these sites are made up primarily of a bunch of horny losers seeking their release with children and young teens, and of kids who have no life offline and are easily manipulable by online predators.However, there are certain sites that use the term in their names and are preceded by numbers such as 4, 7, and 12. Predators (who are sometimes even teens, themselves) have groomed these kids into believing it’s all just a big joke. This lie keeps these children there posting intimate thoughts and details about their lives.Predators are creating young conspiracy theorists who are terrified of the government so that these kids are too afraid to alert the FBI when they find things they know aren’t right.I’ve seen comments by suspected pedophiles saying that if they alert the FBI, cops will raid the houses of every member of that particular forum and go through their computers to tell their parents what they’ve been doing and arrest them for terrorism or some other crime they know will hook the child’s fear.