Accommodating students with

22 Feb

If a student approaches you for a disability-related accommodation, please refer the student to the OAE.

On your syllabus, clearly detail course requirements and academic standards including your grading rubric and attendance policy.

Other appropriate methods of accommodation may be considered; but it is ultimately the decision of the Access Ability Services Director to determine accommodations.

Professors do not have the authority to deny an accommodation. Accommodations are not meant to give a student with a disability an advantage over other students, make the course easier, or in any way change essential requirements or standards of the course or major.

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If reduced-distraction test location is needed, will you use a nearby empty classroom, a quiet office, or send the student to Access Ability Services? Once you and the student have agreed to logistics, write them down on the enclosed receipt.

Stanford University is committed to supporting a diverse community that includes students with disabilities, and to meeting its obligations to such students under the law.

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE), a unit within Student Affairs, provides academic and other accommodations for students with disabilities.

The student is not responsible for reminding faculty or renegotiating accommodations throughout the semester. Some accommodation letters may also include other information, such as suggestions of teaching strategies that would help the particular student, information about the particular disability, or how to respond in case of a seizure or other medical emergency.

Call Access Ability Services with any questions about information provided in the Accommodation Letter. If you believe the specified accommodations will fundamentally alter an essential requirement of your course, pose a health or safety risk or an undue hardship, please contact the Access Ability Services Director and explain your concern.