Adult virtual chat bot

16 Apr

“We see a need for technology to intervene at an earlier point,” he says. Bickmore’s team initially tested the chatbot with 44 people aged 55 and over in Boston.Just under half those adults had some kind of chronic illness, and nearly all had spent time with someone who was dying.Recently, KLM expanded the reach of the chatbot by hooking it up to Google Home, adding an audio/voice layer—an interesting augmentation., and since then the rollout of chatbots has become even more extensive.But as I wrote about recently here at Convince & Convert, the truth is that a lot of chatbots (and live chat technologies) frustrate and disappoint customers, the very group they are supposed to aid.

38 percent say they have used online chat in the prior year.An unscripted system, he says, might very easily “get into situations where the agent recommends things that are dangerous”.Bickmore says the chatbot could be particularly helpful for people that are socially isolated and otherwise wouldn’t be having difficult end-of-life conversations at all.The survey sampling was provided by Survey Monkey Audience, and the study itself was written and conducted by Drift, Salesforce (disclosure: Salesforce is a sponsor of my podcast, Social Pros), and myclever.You may download a copy of the entire study here—no email address required.