Aid dating

09 May

Anyone with hearing loss can tell you it's not easy.

As if dating wasn't already complicated enough, add on the additional hurdles of not being able to hear, understand or function like a normal hearing person.

I squint, stare and lean in as you repeat the whispered comment about 10 times. As we venture out with friends and family, I grab the seat at the head of the table and try to follow the lines of communication and fail miserably. Listening is hard for me, especially when we are out to eat at a restaurant, in a dark place like a theater or club.

I have to read your lips, but it doesn't always solve everything.

I am not ashamed of it, but I don't necessarily want to talk about it either.

My brain and my ears don't work well together anymore, so I don't always know what was said even though I know someone spoke. If you will try your best to let me own my hearing loss, then I will try my best to always be open about it. We will fight, and my ears may sometimes be the problem.

Once you've used our smart profiling system and found someone who sparks your interest, the stage is set for that first date.

Luckily, Perth singles are spoit for choice when it comes to date ideas - good places to eat, places to drink and places to dance the night away.

Don't get mad at me when I ask you to speak louder or more clearly. Don't get frustrated when I ask you to repeat what you said one or three more times. But we know this, accept this and choose to move forward.

The Perth dating scene has been through some pretty changes in the past decade.