Alec baldwin dating yoga instructor meet me lunch dating service

21 Jan

The "30 Rock" star, who turns 54 on Tuesday, proposed to 28-year-old girlfriend Hilaria Thomas over the weekend on Long Island.

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(He famously called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig" in April of 2007, in the heat of child custody proceedings.) She also wore Amsale, as did Hilaria's mother. Either the sex is amazing or dinner sucks: hilariathomas: olives, wine, coffee and honey… No, it’s definitely the sex: @hilariathomas: @Alec Baldwin @discipleoftodd “savasana” means “corpse pose”, my love. Could Baldwin be participating in a digital menage-a-trois with The Sundance Kid? : Alec Baldwin: @Disciple Of Todd: @Alec Baldwin what’s the most fun sin..” Tweeting in the nude. Who is this mysterious Twitter friend, who only has 292 followers and goes by the pseudonym Harry Longabaugh. Of course, the weirdest part of this Twitter romance is the inclusion of @Disciple Of Todd in nearly all of Baldwin/Thomas’ exchanges.