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18 Feb

After a marathon 12-hour day at The Mall, my mother joined me for a night at the Radisson Blu, which meant I could say I’ve slept at a mall before (relief: 3.65).And though I didn’t buy anything there, I felt such delight talking with an employee at Juno Active, a plus-size activewear brand I hadn’t ever heard of.She told me that The Mall of America helped secure the online-only store venture into its first-ever brick-and-mortar location, and secured it a primo spot, came up with a customized marketing plan, and representatives email them all the time to check in. I used to come to The Mall as kid, and now I work here for a brand I really love.”Saunders points out that the inclusion of local shops, groups, and spaces is an undervalued but crucial component to the health of successful malls: “Most malls rely on the spend of the local population.Whether that be services like health, or a place to put community events on, or special things for local schools or charities you can run there — those things can make a very big difference. It’s interesting.”The Mall’s slow move toward increasing its diversity of offerings, has led to some tensions with the older business that are more commerce focused.A shop-owner who has operated her storefront for over 20 years couldn’t see the benefit of people posting photos with her store mannequins as free advertisement: “They think it’s a photo opportunity. They’re just looky-loos.” She and a few other longtime managers have felt the creep of competition, and a drop-off of financial, advertising, and moral support from The Mall of America team over the years: “I’ve talked to many of the restaurants, and they’re bummed because The Mall decided to bring in so many other businesses,” she says. “We of course value the relationships with all of our tenants; we want to retain them for as long as possible.But we have to seek out brands that continue to evolve with our customer’s needs.It’s about keeping things fresh.”If you think Renslow sounds a little like a politician, that’s because the Mall of America is basically a lobbying entity.

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Paul); many young moms with strollers, and a few dozen pre-teens on a summer camp field trip who took up ten tables at the food court, but all brought sack lunches.

Renslow herself is a chair on the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, which advocates on behalf of Minnesota businesses at the State Capitol.

The Mall of America’s size also allows it to make meaningful resource and financial contributions that don’t conflict with its bottom line.

I refuse to pay alimony for these bastard developments.

They destroyed our cities.”As far as Gruen’s full original vision goes, the Mall of America comes pretty close. It looks like half of the people walking at noon on a Thursday were empty handed.