Are tadd and caitlynn dating chris yates online dating

27 Mar

That being said, I got to watch the results show just now, so here we go. To be perfectly frank, I was expecting it to be Ricky, but he got a save from the voting public in that he wasn't even in the bottom two guys at all. The league of extraordinary dancers were pretty freakin' extraordinary, I must say.

First of all, I just have to say that perhaps my wildest dreams came true in terms of eliminations tonight.

Daughters' Love: As Caitlyn is reuniting with all her friends before their road trip, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner drop by the house for a visit and meet the whole crew for the first time.

Chandi takes the opportunity to commend the sisters for their understanding and support throughout their dad's transition."I know this has not been the easiest thing for you guys to wrap your heads around, but you guys are being real troopers, real troopers about it," she tells them.

"They have to be a very special guy to be able to do that."7.about life on a tour bus, how long they have danced, what it was like to hang out with Cat Deeley, or be put on the 'Hot Tamale Train' by Mary Murphy..I was like "Oh you are amazing! The two-part eighth season finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” kicks off at 8 tonight on Fox.The show also recently released the schedule for the upcoming “SYTYCD” tour, which is scheduled to come to Charlotte on Sept. The 8 tour lineup includes the following top 10 finalists: Caitlynn, Clarice, Jess, Jordan, Marko, Melanie, Mitchell, Ricky, Sasha and Tadd.Most shows are available at Ticketmaster locations, online at or