Attractive women intimidating other women

24 Mar

The founder, who goes by the pseudonym Genevieve Le Jeune, says she wanted Skirt Club to be a place where women could feel liberated enough to explore their sexuality: ‘What I love most about Skirt Club is that there’s zero judgement’ ‘I’ve personally struggled with this for years, concerned about what others thought of my sexuality. Exchanging nervous glances we lock on to each other and walk up the stairs.‘I now realise it doesn’t matter and there are no boxes to categorise us, nor do there need to be.’ It’s cool. En route she bumps into a friend – neither of whom saw that coming.But remember that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte gets in with those power lesbians? Career women, who have no time for BS and who know who they are and what they want.Women who are perfectly manicured from head to toe. But these women, though beautiful, are more real and WAY less intimidating – they’re natural, they smile at you when you look at them and they’re approachable.

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It seems much like any other, with the exception of an extraordinary number of faux sheepskin rugs.Time has no place here – I have no idea if it’s been 5 or 50 minutes. Someone turned a light on, the pace picked up and I went with it. At times I pull back, but there are no awkward moments or pauses, it all feels strangely fluid and you’re able to leave as freely as you can return.I pull away, deciding I’ve had enough for now, and make my way to kitchen for a refill and to pop a chocolate aphrodisiac ball in my mouth before I wander back upstairs to see what everyone else is up to. And it doesn’t feel dirty or sleazy, as you might suspect. The girl I entered the party with has a smile that invites me in. Interestingly, though some women nail it first time, others need as much guidance as men.It all feels pretty normal up to this point, but then the nymph finishes doing her thing, and the coffee table that acted as her temporary stage is pushed to the side so the rugs can come into play. A volunteer is called forward for tequila body shots and a nervous but excited first-timer steps forward and obediently lies down.I look around the room and realise that, though these women have been vetted by Le Jeune via an online form and are clearly attractive, I haven’t even asked myself if I’m attracted to any of them.