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22 Jan

And if users leave your site (also known as a “bounce”) after 3 seconds?

Here are two simple, easy-to-implement tips that are working great for me right now: First, improve your organic click-through-rate (CTR). And that’s why optimizing your site for organic CTR is so important.Considering that most Google searches are now done on mobile devices, readability is more important for SEO than ever before.And once you’ve done that, it’s time for our next white hat SEO technique…For example, let’s say you wanted to write an article about The Paleo Diet. If you’re not sure where your audience is on Reddit, no worries. If people are talking about these topics on Reddit, chances are they’re searching for those same terms in Google. For example, when I looked at threads on the topic of “link building”, I noticed terms like “content strategy” and “content strategies”.These are keywords that I would have NEVER thought of on my own. And with that, let’s move onto one of my all-time favorite advanced SEO techniques.