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19 Apr

Residents of Duindorp, a fishing neighborhood in The Hague, build a 115ft high bonfire on the beach, which it was relocated to in order to restore peace in the neighbourhood, which was beset with violent brawls In the US cities of New York and Las Vegas anti-terror squads are bolstering already tight policing in light of recent attacks.

It's a safe environment.'Scotland Yard said 'operational reasons' stopped them from being able to discuss specific numbers on duty this Sunday. Mr Aldworth said the public should be 'reassured' by the number of officers available.'I think the message I would give to the public is to be reassured that we've got the right number of officers to police this event,' he said.'We want them (the public) to be alert, not alarmed.' A spokeswoman for London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: 'The safety of Londoners is the mayor's number one priority.'He and his team are in close contact with the Metropolitan Police, Tf L and other key agencies, and we have appropriate plans for security in place.'Of course, we encourage everyone coming to the event to be vigilant and to report anything of concern to a steward or police officer.' In a video message Mr Khan hailed Londoners for their response to an 'extremely difficult 2017' for the capital, marred by four terror attacks and the Grenfell disaster.Organisers and police increased security over fears of an attack similar to the one at a Christmas market in Berlin in December 2016.However, while security measures are being ramped up to ensure the public are safe, Scotland Yard has admitted there will be fewer officers on the ground this year.People across the planet are gearing up to bring in 2018 tonight as military, police and bonfire-builders prepare for the festivities.Armed soldiers were seen standing guard as others patrolled in Rome, Italy, and concrete barriers were placed in Plebicito square, Naples, in a move that mirrored anti-terror measures deployed across the UK.