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02 Apr

Then the two went off and talked their way into the Yale Art Museum, which was closed, but which had a special exhibit on Mark Rothko that they both wanted to see.In this story, according to Bill’s memoir, she sat down in the lap of a Henry Moore sculpture, and he sat beside her.Lasry wed Alexander Swieca, a former University of Michigan quarterback, and also the son of another hedge-fund billionaire, Henry Swieca.

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But she conveyed a sense of strength and self-possession I had rarely seen in anyone, man or woman.” Still another version has Bill following Hillary around campus. He caught up with her on her way to registration and joined her in the line, even though he had already registered.

The 23-year-old appeared to have arrived to the ceremony solo, and donned a dark blue, sequined evening dress.

We wonder if the Clintons gave the couple some age-old marriage advice. The couple met while they both studied at Yale in 1971, with Hillary making the first move.

It was a story repeated again and again, throughout his stay in England and now on his return.

Instead of sustained commitments, he had begun a chronic pattern of carrying on multiple relationships marked by no honest communication with the various women involved. At Yale, Clinton found an answer—another person, equally bright, just as driven to break barriers and change the world. And from the moment of their meeting, they created a partnership, both political and personal, that helped shape the course of the country. The classic version, told repeatedly, is that they had noticed each other early on. But rather than start a conversation, they circled each other warily, each sizing the other up.