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02 Apr

After making it out of the woods, the Clintons have been spotted at several shows, including "The Color Purple," where they were also warmly greeted.As an opera fan, I do urge the couple to go beyond Broadway and perhaps check out "Carmen," "Rigoletto," "La Traviata" or "Eugene Onegin" at the Metropolitan Opera, which all tell stories of the tragic results of fragile, controlling masculinity in the face of female autonomy and sexuality. Should he prepare for a professional career if politics did not work out?In particular, how would he resolve his persistent inability to sustain a long-term relationship with a woman?"I was studying in the library, and Bill was standing out in the hall talking to another student — and I noticed he kept looking over at me. So I stood up from the desk, walked over to him and said, ' If you're going to keep looking at me, and I'm going to keep looking back, we might as well be introduced.

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When Bill Clinton arrived at Yale in the fall of 1970, one thing was clear: Politics would be the singular focus of his life. He continued to exude charm and affability, drawing to himself potential political allies, personal friends, and devoted acolytes. More important, would he be able to reconcile his parallel lives?

Also in attendance were Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who made their first wedding debut as a couple.

The Clintons are long-time friends of the father-of-the-bride, Marc Lasry, and the billionaire was among one of the top campaign donors during Hillary Clinton's presidential run. Inside, wedding guests jumped at the chance to snap a photo alongside the former First Lady and presidential candidate.

Then the two went off and talked their way into the Yale Art Museum, which was closed, but which had a special exhibit on Mark Rothko that they both wanted to see.

In this story, according to Bill’s memoir, she sat down in the lap of a Henry Moore sculpture, and he sat beside her.