Black woman dating an italian man bella battle dating blog

27 Apr

” and “if this were written by a White woman, it would be seen as racist, but a Black woman does it and she’s showing racial pride.” While I, for one, do have a proverbial horse in this race (without delving too deeply into my personal life, let’s just say my personal opinion runs contrary to Ms.

Scott’s opinion, as I‘d like to think that who I choose to be with is based on our love for each other, not the amount of melanin in our skin), I do think that Ms. The fact of the matter is, as much as the Right would like the American public to think that we are in a “post-racial” society because of our current Black President (whom they’d like to remove from office, by force if need be), the truth is a bit more insidious than that. Scott, because — frankly — her article wasn’t about me.

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That said, I’m happy to report that the collective mentalities changed — for the better — when my Trinidadian nephew, Julian, was born.It wasn’t about her feeling that every White woman was a “becky” who “got” with Black men to piss their fathers off, or to get into the Black man’s bank accounts (though there are women like that, and I‘d be stupid to ignore it.Various basketball & football groupies, Kim Kardashian, and the Internet’s latest “sensation” who is being referred to as “Superhead Part 2”# all come to mind…).By Bernadette Giacomazzo ( Actress/singer Jill Scott recently wrote an article for Essence Magazine that seems to have the whole Internet abuzz.Scott explains that she believes the “wince” she felt upon seeing her Black friend with a White woman does not come from her personal upbringing, but rather from the notion “that for women of color, this very common “wince” has solely to do with the African story in America,” and the historical implications behind interracial relationships. Scott directly: “When our people were enslaved, “Massa” placed his Caucasian woman on a pedestal.