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03 Mar

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Preliminary results of competition will be published in February-April, 2014.

Judges:#2 - Kenan Velikhanov (Azerbaijan),#3 - Araz Almammadov (Azerbaijan), N# - Ferhat Karmil (Turkey)Studies – Muradkhan Muradov (Azerbaijan). Send to: Ilham Aliev (Azerbaijan, Sumqayit) [email protected]"limpiya dunyasi" ( , 5000) (#2, #3, N#, ) 2014 .

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Informaltourney "LIMPIYA DUNYASI 2014 (#2, #3, N#, studies)The newspaper " limpiya dunyasi " (body of National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan) announces an International Composing Tourney "limpiya dunyasi 2014". Publications of studies and problems are sent on e-mail of authors. code was used for several rotorcraft related applications.The first one was the ROBIN fuselage, which is an idealized helicopter fuselage.has developed proprietary CAM technology that allows us to economically manufacture unfilled PEEK tubes to longer lengths - up to 18.0" - and thinner wall thicknesses - as small as 0.100" - than formerly possible by standard molding or extrusion processes.CAM processes result in minimal scrap material and shorter run times.