11 Jan

The action starts here with nightly live music, dancing, festivals and parades throughout the year.

There are also a variety of restaurants, bars and retail shops along with three sets of movie theaters, one in each square. The Squares are open to the public and not supported by resident’s amenity fees.

Sadly, however, their ire at having the tree painted led to them ripping off the gold rings - and the bark all the way round.

Every morning of every day of the Lent and May bumps, the amassed boat clubs of 1st and 3rd Trinity and Lady Margaret assemble in their respective colleges. of the Great Court clock the 1st and 3rd machine makes its way across Great Court and through New Court to the backs, to intimidate our lesser rivals next door prior to beating them in the racing later in the day.

The two clubs come face to face, and after a bit of a scrum, dropping annoying coxes in to the ditches, throwing snowballs (1995) or whatever else might present itself, an amble through the Dark Place brings us back to Trinity, where various members of LMBC are generally kidnapped and tortured by feeding them breakfast in Hall.

As a result, the tree died two years later, and they then just went and slapped the stump.

In the end, this was dug up, and a glorious Maggie tradition was wrecked...