Cfia validating animal health import permits thermoluminescence dating of ocean sediments

04 Apr

transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, distribution, cross docking, packaging, etc.).¹Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System (ACROSS): “uses advanced electronic technology to streamline the way goods are imported into Canada.

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The data is immediately sent to the Automated Targeting System (ATS) for targeting purposes, and then returned to ACS for retention.”³Automated Export System (AES): “is the system used by U. exporters to electronically declare their international exports, known as Electronic Export Information (EEI), to the Census Bureau to help compile U. AMS speeds the flow of cargo and entry processing that provides participants with electronic authorization of cargo prior to arrival.

To the airlines, the air freight forwarder is a shipper.

An air freight forwarder is ordinarily classed as an indirect air carrier; however, many air freight forwarders operate their own aircraft.”¹Air Waybill (AWB): “A shipping document used by the airlines for air freight.

Further enhancements to ACROSS now give electronic data interchange (EDI) clients the option of transmitting release information that has other government department (OGD) requirements.

ACROSS improves the enforcement capabilities of the CBSA by allowing more time to be dedicated to the prevention of illicit goods entering Canada.