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07 Jan

This “Duck Club” is a club people at work where people get “points” for having sex in these locations around the office.

I think that is also where the quacking comes into play.

Out in broad daylight on the guys desk (one of the employees I had caught in the printing room) was a piece of paper at the top that said “Duck Club.” Underneath it, it had a list of locations of places in and around the office followed by “points.” 25 points – president’s desk, 10 points – car in the parking lot, 20 points – copier room, etc.

So here is my theory about what is going on (and I think I am right).

Cardinal Timothy Dolan defended Catholic opposition to gay marriage during an Easter Sunday interview with ABC, stating that the church needs to remain disconnected from popular consensus in some occasions and that gays are ‘entitled to friendship.' ‘Sometimes by nature, the Church has gotta be out of touch with concerns, because we’re always supposed to be thinking of the beyond, the eternal, the changeless,’ Dolan told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News’s ‘This Week.’‘Our major challenge is to continue in a credible way to present the eternal concerns to people in a timeless attractive way,’ he said.

‘And sometimes there is a disconnect — between what they’re going through and what Jesus and his Church is teaching. And you’re entitled to friendship.”‘But we also know that God has told us that the way to happiness, especially when it comes to sexual love.

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They were not doing this on the clock (they had both clocked out, I immediately checked).And it’s perfectly acceptable to take people to task — or you know, fire them — for .(Or outside of work hours, for that matter, but it’s particularly egregious that it was during work hours, with people around.) You’ve got to talk to them, and very soon.They would see each other in the hallways or break room and say “quack quack” like a duck.I assumed this was an inside joke and thought nothing of it and wrote it off as playful silliness or thought I perhaps missed a moment in a recent movie or TV show to which the quacks were referring. I needed to do some printing and our printer is in a room that can be locked by anyone when it is in use (our team often has large volumes of printing they need to do and it helps to be able to sort things in there by yourself, as multiple people can get their pages mixed up and it turns into a mess).