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05 May

minimal or no errors in Endnotes/Footnotess Writing Error - punctuation/spelling errors thesis does not contain both a statement of fact and an opinion Jacoby and Paglia's two essays were sources for the paper., Three other sources were used in the paper., Not all the sources in this paper are credible and academic.

Bibliography - misnamed, Bibliography - error - included access date, used pg. These students will be in a new setting, with new teachers, a new lifestyle, and thousands of new people.

This new freedom will bring much excitement and growth.

"College is the best time of your life and when someone grows the most.

They will not have parents riding on their heels, watching their every move.

It will be the first time on their own, with the ability to do whatever they want when they want.

With all the other students around it will be easy for guys and girls to find dates.

When you go to college the world of dating seems to spin and turn upside down."With a little enthusiasm it will be easy to find girls that will want to go out and short flings will occur frequently.

CORRECTIONSLopez, Brandon Yes - at least 10 citations are used.

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Across the nation crimes are being committed against women at trusted universities. This crime happens very often at parties were alcohol is involved, in relationships, and often times in gang rape.

For these reasons, women must be cautious at all times. Men can slightly misread a sexual sign from a woman then they go a bit farther than the woman intended and she claims rape later. "The Real-Life Guide to College Dating, According to 'Hitch'." April 28, 2010. October 20, 2010)accustomed to.