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21 Dec

This graphic above shows the influx of genes to Europe that brought lighter skin colour and taller body shapes, according to the new research on ancient human remains conducted by geneticists at Harvard University DNA analysis obtained from ancient human remains has shown that as these farmers bred with the dark skinned hunter gatherers, one of these genes became prevalent in the European population and European's skin colour began to lighten.

The first Europeans looked dramatically different to most of the fair skinned people that live there today.

This is now thought to be due to a mutation in one of the genes involved in pigment manufacture in the skin cells.

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Farmers at this time travelled north, bringing new technology and language into Europe.[2017 update: CMI speaker and biologist Rob Carter shows how the latest research confirms what creationists have long been saying about skin colour ...It is, literally, only skin deep.] This means that the differences are at a subcellular level; that is, there are minor variations in very minute areas, called organelles, residing in the pigment cells.People living in tropical areas could have realized that light skin was detrimental to health (and ability to work in the sun) and so persons with light skin would come to be seen as undesirable candidates for marriage.Conversely, people living at high latitudes could have developed discrimination against dark skin because of its association with rickets in the low-light environments.