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23 Feb

Sophie pictured (left) in the mid nineties, before she married Prince Edward, during a lunch break from her PR job in London.And right, pictured at Ladies' Day at Ascot this year, chic in grey The mother-of-two, left at the Paralympic Ball in 2012, says she 'wrestled' with feeling like she had to wear designer labels... Right, looking stylish in cream at the Guildford Flower Festival in 2013At Wimbledon this year, she turned heads in a chic navy jacket and black-rimmed spectacles combination and isn't afraid of bold colours.Her second son, John, was elected and served with great distinction as President. Her youngest son, Edward, has lived a switchback life of political successes alternating with scandals.Of her five daughters, the oldest, Rosemary, was born with mental disabilities which were made worse by an unsuccessful lobotomy operation, and now lives in a nursing home in Wisconsin.He duly became the boss of Boston North End, then still an Irish neighbourhood, and in due course mayor of Boston.When Rose, the eldest daughter, was born, her family was still living modestly in a three-storey house in the North End.

Sartorial makeover: The Countess of Wessex, 50, has admitted that she's embraced fashion, realising that people will always be interested in what she wears at public engagements (pictured with Prince Edward in January 2015)Quelle transformation!

Pictured here (far right) with the Queen and Princess Anne (fer left) cutting the cake at the Women's Institute 100-year celebration Although there isn't a professional constantly on hand to advise Sophie what to wear, she says that she's confident about knowing what she does and doesn't like.

She cites one of her favourite designers as milliner Jane Taylor.

She chose to live her life in her husband's shadow. Kennedy Snr accumulated a great fortune on Wall Street and in Hollywood.

He was not faithful to her, but he retained an intense, patriarchal sense of family.