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11 Feb

It took some further coaxing but Lana knew it was turning me on so she continued…“These two guys kept giving me drinks and I was dirty dancing with them and they had their hands all over me. I thought you might be mad…Well…as I was walking to my car the two guys I was dancing with were standing there smoking a cigarette.” “Tell me more baby.” I said. well the next thing I knew they were taking turns fucking me in the back seat of their car.” “Oh gawd baby, that’s so hot! cum was leaking around my finger and I was crazy with lust. I felt the heat from her freshly fucked pussy on my face and I inhaled the unmistakable smell of raw sex.

I thought they left and when I went to get my coat I saw the store manager and he asked for a Christmas kiss."“Did you kiss him? “I sure did, and a big wet French kiss, and he fingered my pussy too! " “No, I think he chickened out because I think he is married or something.”I put my hand on Lana’s thigh and rubbed it. As I gyrated my finger in her Lana bucked up into to meet my thrusts.“Oh shit baby, I want you to lick my clitty baby.” She hissed. Her pussy red and swollen and a some cum was dripping out… Lana’s clitty was poking out of its hood and I licked with my tongue.“Eat me baby, eat my pussy and make me cum!

Lana worked in the cosmetics department at a department store and about four months into our relationship Lana she said she was going to the employee’s only Christmas party.

She dressed at my place and she looked pretty sexy when she left but didn’t want to say anything.

I watched TV and had a few beers as thought about her looking so sexy and with all those guys at the party that were no doubt hitting on her.

She said she would be back by 11 or 12 but about I heard her car pull in the driveway then the back door open and Lana walked in.

Over the next few weeks we had sex once or twice a day as I introduced my willing and able lover to some wild sex.

Lana lived with her folks but spent a few nights a week and some weekends at my place.

We were at a family reunion and I just had to meet this girl.”I circled her swollen clitty with my tongue and Lana moaned loudly.“Yes baby, eat my hot pussy!” I slid my tongue between her swollen lips and tasted their salty cum in my girlfriend’s pussy.My lips and chin were covered in sex juices and in a few minutes I brought Lana to orgasm.She was still cumming when I straightened up and slid my cock in her wet and sticky hole and fucked her.