Dating a loner

09 May

Much to their frustration, this can be interpreted by others as snobbery or a sense of being better than others.

It’s not; it’s just a byproduct of being an introvert.

So don’t be offended if they feel slighted at something you say.

Dating someone who needs her alone time means dating someone who is not afraid to get to know herself on a deeper emotional level.

A byproduct of this is a sense of empathy which typically manifests itself in showing concern for you and any problems you might be experiencing.

Being so in tune with their feelings, criticism can often be a highly inflammatory source of tension.

As a result, it’s important to know that these quieter types might employ certain tactics to avoid any criticism at all, which can manifest in the form of people-pleasing, being self-critical, or just avoiding the source of the criticism altogether.