Dating a man with tbi

16 Dec

Lee knew from the beginning that she was marrying an ambitious man and that they might not have the most “settled” lives.

Bob had studied to be a lawyer and practiced for a little while, but life offerred him some exciting opportunities that would lead him to move in a different direction.

Their strong connection as a couple, along with coming from solid families and having a supportive network of extended family and friends were crucial when their lives suddenly changed in January of 2006.

Lee showed incredible strength as she got practical details handled and flew to Germany to be with her husband until he could be moved to the US.

She entered the world of intensive care, neurosurgery, and uncertainty.

She learned early on that, even though things seemed the same from one day to the next on the outside, Bob’s brain was working to heal from the inside out. Lee grappled with all of these possibilities as she learned more about how someone with the type of injuries Bob had might be different as a result.

She had to wait and wonder in regards to all the things that might prove to be wrong once he woke up. She talked to him and touched him, put up pictures of his family near his bed, and played DVDs of family videos for him.

She had family and friends who made sure the kids were doing school, extracurriculars, and as much normal life activities as possible.

She wanted to be with them, but needed to be with Bob, too.