Dating adverts what they really mean

01 Feb

Most of the time he wants a visual image because he has one thing on his mind.What he means: I don’t want to admit my faults or weaknesses.I'd actually be up for a casual relationship if we're not the right fit for the long term, but I know that's not what you want to hear, so I'll go in the complete other direction even though I could just say nothing at all.4.What you say: My friends tell me I'm smart, funny, and attractive. What you say: I joined this dating site because one of my friends met someone on here.What he means: I don’t want a commitment right now, but I’ll take the casual part! What he means: He is attracted to you and probably wants to kiss you.What he means: He doesn’t want to get too serious yet until he gets to know you.What he means: I really like you, you have my attention.

What you're trying to say: I can be ready for any occasion so you don't think I can't be your date to something important to you.

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That'll win the dates with the right people, not just the ones who you didn't either offend or attract since you said something too generic to see the real you.

What he means: I want to take you to bed or get physical with you and am not necessarily offering anything serious at the moment.