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18 Feb

Although the girl said her name was 'Hailey', the security guard was convinced the girl was Madeleine and reported the incident to police.A British ex-pat saying he saw a girl being dragged along a road toward the airport on the night Madeleine disappeared.The astonishing CCTV footage from New Zealand shows a girl very like Madeleine being led into a supermarket by a portly man in shorts - seven months after her disappearance.The man's behaviour aroused the suspicions of a female security guard in the shop in Dunedin on the South Island and she approached the girl to establish she was British.None of the files was handed to private investigators working for Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate.Taryn Dryfhout was working on the tills at the Warehouse discount store in Dunedin, New Zealand, when she saw the girl with a man, a woman and a boy.The Mc Canns are incensed that their private investigators were given no access to the sightings at the time.

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Madeleine was four when she vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007. They now have a copy of the 2,000-page dossier which was published yesterday on the order of a court in Portugal after an application by newspapers including the Daily Mail.

She said the girl 'looked just like" Madeleine and spoke with an English accent.

Ms Dryfhout told broadcaster TVNZ's ONE News: 'She told me that her name was Hayley and was quite apprehensive...

Once the file has been closed, what has actually been done?

Next to nothing.' The file contains a series of sightings which the Mc Canns would have expected to be fully investigated.