Dating antique wine bottles

12 Jan

Alliers: Forested region in central France from which come oak barrels of the same name.The Departement of Alliers contains the forest of Troncais.Sometimes referred to as the “backbone” of a wine, acidity contributes to a wine’s aging ability.The sour taste of acidity in wine is often pleasantly counterbalanced by sweetness (from sugar or alcohol).Advection Fog: Fog which forms in shallow horizontal layers when warm, moist air is cooled from below, usually by passing over cold water.This type of fog is typical along west coasts of the world’s continents in summer.

American Wine: The category name for any wine produced in any state from grapes grown in that state or from a combination of grapes grown in more than one state.Many have been recovered from the Mediterranean floor in perfect condition by modern divers, some still containing traces of the wine or oil they once held.Angelica: A sweet dessert wine, usually amber in color and lacking in distinctive flavor.Alicante wines often lack flavor and the wines are generally of lower quality and price.Aligoté: A white wine grape used in various blends in many countries but best known for its fruity, light wines from Burgundy in France.