Dating cat and mouse

12 Dec

The murder scene in San Francisco is investigated by a tough police detective named Nick Curran (Michael Douglas). Nick: Well, Roxy, do you know where your friend is? The victim is Johnny Boz, a mid-60s "retired" rock star and owner of a nightclub down in the Fillmore. Catherine: I felt like someone had read my book and was playing a game. Nick: Because you didn't love him -- Catherine: That's right. Nick: How did you feel when I told you Johnny Boz had died? Didn't you ever f--k anybody else when you were married, Nick? Gus: (pointing to the signature) Sure I do, says right here.

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The deceased left the club with his girlfriend about midnight - the last time anybody saw him. The film's poster declared: A critically-lambasted, belated sequel by director Michael Caton-Jones, Basic Instinct 2 (2006) (originally subtitled Risk Addiction) found the now 47 year-old Sharon Stone character (ice-pick suspected murderess and novelist Catherine Tramell) living in London where she was being treated by a psychiatrist (David Morrissey) - who fell for her game of seduction. The film opens to a man and women making passionate love, reflected in a ceiling mirror. [Her home is actually located at 2930 Vallejo Street.] San Francisco detective Nick Curran is ordered by Lieutenant Phillip Walker (Denis Arndt) to "work the case." He and another detective Gus Moran (George Dzundza) ring the bell of Catherine Tramell's lavish mansion-home in San Francisco to question her. While waiting in the beautifully-decorated parlor, they are impressed by a Picasso painting on the wall: Gus: Ain't that cute? Nick: Gus, I didn't even know you knew who Picasso was.