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28 Jan

Visitors are also able to take shorter or longer routes.A map, on which the various walks and all the major attractions in the garden are shown, is available from the offices in the garden.The total area of land for development was 81 hectares; Joburg got its garden, even though the 19th century enthusiasm for botanical gardens had waned.The garden's master plan gives a broad outline of the botanical layout.At present, the plants in the Rose Garden, the Herb Garden and the Hedge Garden demonstration section are labelled.Unfortunately, like all botanical gardens worldwide, labels at the Johannesburg garden are vandalised. The main one has a unique design, in that the whole area was excavated and the soil was used to create a berm so that it is concealed from view from within and outside the garden.

Further south along the same road is an interesting collection of acacias, the South African ones of which were donated by Denzil Carr, an acknowledged expert in the South African representatives of this genus.The land on which the garden is situated was once part of the farm Braamfontein, which dated back to 1853.In 1886, a farmer called Louw Geldenhuys bought a portion of Braamfontein Farm and named it after Emmarentia, the woman he married in 1887.Two productive boreholes were sunk, as well as a submersible pump in one of the southern dams, which provide the water for the reservoir.With the completion of the basic engineering operations, extensive planting was undertaken.