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18 Apr

While your emails and messages may be missed or pushed through to the ‘maybe someday’ pile, a call allows you to have actual two-way communication, right then and there.

Some people still insist on talking before doing business.

When you’re writing your next personalized message, take off your marketer hat and ask yourself how you’d feel getting a similar message.

Better yet, get some impartial feedback from a non-salesperson friend.

Of course, some hate phone calls as much as I do, so you may want to try email first.

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Check out these 9 Reply dating rules to romance your next sales email campaign off its feet.

Authigenic carbonates from hydrocarbon seeps are unique archives of past seepage and associated environmental parameters.

In order to constrain the ages of a set of seep carbonates and the time involved in carbonate formation, we applied Uranium/Thorium (U/Th) dating to samples from the Gulf of Mexico, the Congo Fan, and the Black Sea.

In the pick-up artist community ‘peacocking’ is a common technique where men wear over-the-top garish clothing or accessories, all in an attempt to get more attention from ladies. Before you know it you’re doing in Bridget Jones Diary territory and wolfing down Ben and Jerry’s.

Whatever your opinion is of pick-up artists and whether you dig a guy in a top hat or not, one thing’s for sure: as a marketer, you absolutely need to stand out in your prospect’s inbox. I mean if they wanted you to follow up surely they would have called me first? Before you finish off another tub of ice cream, don’t overthink it. What if you don’t get a response from your first contact, is that game over?