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06 May

In combining the best of both worlds, the couple can ensure they have fun together, but within reason.When you combine two cultures, it’s important to know when you must adapt to the traditions of your significant other.If your partner was raised with working women, it isn’t fair to expect her to keep up a home in the same fashion as your female relatives who were stay-at-home mothers, knowing she may not have the time, energy, or training, to do so.In these types of situations, it’s best to be patient with one another, clearly express lifestyle goals, and work together to get there.It’s a state of affairs which would horrify Miranda and Hugo, but I think it’s marvellous, as eating late piles on the pounds. Generally, Al is better at adapting to my world than I am to his. I was just about to turn down an invitation to Glyndebourne (frankly, I’d rather boil my own head than listen to hours of screeching) when he insisted we go.The noise was so dreadful I had to sit in the lavatory for most of it, but the pain was compensated with the joy I got from pulling into the car park next to my friend’s swanky Lexus with blacked-out windows, in our rackety old white van with its bumper strapped on with gaffer tape.

As you can imagine, socialising together was — and still is — a challenge.

‘I could never take him to dinner parties because he holds his fork like a pencil.’ And even though she is now unhappily married to an Old Harrovian banker, she still doesn’t regret her decision. ‘It’s nothing personal,’ he explained, ‘but Julia would rather shoot herself than be stuck in a caravan on the Isle of Sheppey for the weekend.’ At times like that I am racked with guilt, and fear they must think me dreadfully pampered.

Al likes to eat very early — at about 6pm, in front of Egg Heads on the telly.

Together with my friend Hugo, an old Etonian barrister, I had arranged to pick up Al from outside his local pub so we could drive there together. Beside him, Al, wearing a horrible dust-stained donkey jacket (which I have since thrown away), seemed diminished and scruffy.

As anyone who has watched David Cameron will know, Etonians are the most confident, bombastic men in the universe.