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15 Mar

Pictured above, a prisoner combs the hair of a fellow inmate during recreation time Widespread malnutritican has led to deadly cases of malnutrition-related ailments such as beriberi and anemia in the prison.Pictured above, a prisoner stands near the body of an inmate, covered with a plastic tarp, who died of malnutrition Life was supposed to be getting a little better for prisoners here.Pictured above, prisoners cram shoulder to shoulder to watch TV in their crowded cell inside the prison Haitian prosecutors and rights activists are sounding an alarm about collapsing conditions at the impoverished country's prisons as malnutrition from acute food shortages and a slew of preventable illnesses are leading to an upsurge of inmate deaths.Pictured above, prisoners rest in the facility's infirmary Cells made for 20 inmates are now being used to house 80 to 100 prisoners at a time.

Haiti's penal system is at a staggering 454 per cent occupancy level.Three inmates recently died of malnutrition ailments at a prison in the southern city of Les Cayes.Sentenced convicts and the far greater numbers of untried suspects have pooled together what little money they can scare up to buy small TVs and radios for their shared cells.In 2008, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ordered Haiti to bring its 'inhuman' prisons in line with minimum international standards.After a devastating earthquake in 2010, donor nations and humanitarian organizations launched projects aimed at building new infrastructure and improving deplorable conditions.