Dating rules of the 1950s

24 Apr

An idealic, postwar time of America where if you were white and middle class, your life was pretty great.America had finally become the dominant superpower, the GI Bill and Housing Bill had created our suburbs, and our grandparents, children of the Greatest Generation, were free to roam their neighborhoods, make new friends and find a nice girl to settle down with.Parts of the country maintained the traditions of the 1950s, and other parts surged into the new age of independence and feminism.So when you ask, “How were girls asked on dates in the 1960s? In more conservative communities, asking a girl on a date still meant asking mom and dad and calling well in advance.Unlike the personal dinner and movie dates of today, it was very common for groups of couples to go out together at this time.Group dates were actually encouraged as first dates for many suitors, as it relieved the tension and awkwardness of the first few "romantic" times together for a couple.The casual nature of relationships meant that asking a girl out no longer had as much to do with getting yourself onto the marriage track.

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However, asking a girl out in the mall was also a distinct possibility.

With all of this formality involved, it shouldn’t be surprising that when a date happened, it was clearly a date.

There was no confusion about whether or not you were just “hanging out” or if it was something more serious. In fact, if that initial date grew into “going steady,” that meant there was at least some chance you would consider getting married later on.

This made the dating process more private than ever, allowing kids to text each other without their parents’ knowing.

Because of this new found privacy, many previous dating rules were removed, making it far more normal for girls to ask guys out.