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26 Mar

These are separate as per our Operation thread: Changes: CLAN PARTICIPATION TIER thresholds for the Ignis Wraith Blueprint have been reduced significantly.If you reach the new Point thresholds, your Clan's participating members will get the Ignis Wraith Blueprint at the end of the Operation.They’re holding on for now, but without your support, they’ll die on those ships.Before you go, you should know something; the crew is Grineer. All eligible Clans have been rewarded their goods based on the tiers here The operation is over but Synthula is here to stay!

The writers create a plot that draws you in with a carefully crafted script filled with hysterical jokes, raunchy colloquy and a story that really explores in-depth the relationships between characters and their quest to find love despite all their past mishaps.

Her best friend and roommate Leslie can't take it anymore. As a pole-dancing instructor and self-declared sexually-liberated woman, Leslie knows that Hannah's got it all wrong.

She has to put herself out there (and put out) to live life and meet people.

See full summary » 25-year-old Hannah thinks she knows everything there is to know about sex and relationships; sex is something you do only when you really like someone.

Only Hannah hasn't really liked someone in over a year and her uptight attitude is beginning to ruin her relationships instead of encourage them.