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24 Apr

That will be completed in phase 2 of our rebuild of the site content.This is a huge project that is going to take a few months to complete, so please be patient with us as we restore the old site content.It can also be found in performative forms; from theatre to the theatricality of uniformed movements (e.g., the Wandervogel and Gemeinschaft der Eigenen).According to Oxford English Dictionary, it's "pertaining to or characterized by a tendency for erotic emotions to be centered on a person of the same sex; or pertaining to a homo-erotic person." that has been studied in the earliest times of ancient poetry to modern drama by modern scholars.You may also go to the for a complete index of all pages and content on Vicki

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We will include the photos from Vicki Rene’s friends, including the popular “Prettiest of the Pretty.” .

We are restoring all of the “Prettiest of the Pretty” photos, showgirls and some of the drag pageant winners.

Please come on in and take a look around, but check back soon because there will be more site photos and content added daily.

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