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04 Apr

Rumors about how he used to run the show — including the "Trump rule," his supposed veto power over the final contestants — continued to swirl backstage. There are the allegations he walked through dressing rooms at the teen competition while minors were undressed (which he partially admitted to in an interview with Howard Stern).

Seen individually, these might be small wins for diversity, but together, it's a purposeful reinvention of a brand embroiled by controversy over its previous owner, President Donald Trump."We’re so much better than we were before," Paula Shugart, longtime president of the Miss Universe organization told me ahead of the pageant.

Mc Cullough was also the only woman among 51 to wear her curly hair natural on stage — a huge step in breaking down the dated and non-inclusive "pageant look." She was crowned by 2016 Miss USA Deshauna Barber, a captain in the Army Reserve who used her last walk to wear her hair natural as well.

Four out of five finalists this year were women of color, and one was an immigrant. Among them were Halima Aden, the first woman to compete in a Miss USA state pageant wearing a hijab and burkini, and Janet Mock, a trans woman who is a TV host, advocate, and author.

She made it to the top 10 after being the first Black representative for her state, a role that's been met Miss Florida Linette De Los Santos immigrated from the Dominican Republic with her family — one of five immigrants in the show — and is currently in law school. "We have such a diverse class this year and I really think they’re embracing and empowering [us]," she told me. "If young women, or even children, see a woman who went to school on a free ride, loves chemistry, studied nuclear chemistry, studied radio chemistry, and then went on to work for the nuclear regulatory commission, they’re going to be encouraged."So with all of this progressive talk, you might ask yourself: why is the bathing suit competition still even a thing? All the contestants I spoke to defended it in the same way, saying it shows "how hard the women have worked." When I challenged this line of thinking in private interviews, identical talking points bubbled up over and over again.

"Compare Miss Georgia and me — I don't have those curves! During the live show Miss Georgia De Anna Johnson led the pack down the runway, her only screen time through the weekend, assumably placed first by the organization to show just how "diverse" the bodies have become.