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08 Dec

It has the looks, feel and sound of a fully-fledged pro kit - just like the more expensive kit it replaces.At the end of last year Tama transferred the production of its Starclassic Bubinga and Starclassic Maple kits to China.Tama Starclassic Performer's completely redesigned tom-holder expands setting flexibility with a sliding connector unit that moves back and forth up to 50mm (2 inches).

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The five-piece shell pack sent for review was the first Chinese-made Starclassic Bubinga kit to enter the UK."Everyone who encountered the kit was impressed, and many of them didn't care where it was manufactured - they just liked the sound it made"Tama has built its reputation on engineering prowess, design innovation and high quality end products.

Drums fitted with die-cast hoops also offer crisper attack, clear and resonant highs, and much more powerful rim shots.

Tama's reputation suggests that it would never rush into a decision and a great deal of preparation has clearly taken place before the transferral of the production of one of its flagship lines to China.

The new Bubinga kit is also over £500 cheaper than the Japanese kit it replaces.

With Starclassic Bubinga kits now being supplied as snareless shell packs, the five-piece review kit is made up of an undrilled 22"x20" bass drum, 10"x8" and 12"x9" rack toms and 14"x12" and 16"x14" floor toms.