Dating tuck postcards

08 May

I would very much welcome any help with this mystery.

I had to have this card – don’t know why, just something about it.

The company never fully recovered from this disaster.

My packaged set of six local “Oilette” painting cards, issued in 1903, are all very colourful, but there is a considerable amount of ‘artistic license’ here, even allowing for the fact that they depict imaginary scenes from an earlier era.

Ordinary calling cards and greeting cards could still be worth anywhere from – if they’re in pristine condition, unsigned and unmarked. There are people who do collect vintage greeting cards; however, they tend to specialize in, say, Christmas or Mother’s Day cards, or unusual cards such as pop-ups, die-cut cards and humorous cards.

But once again, the biggest prize goes to the unused cards, without blemish. Some old unsigned cards in good to excellent condition can be sold for about the same price as a modern card.

When I compared them with my “Jotter” cards of the same locations – bingo!If you love learning about antiques as much as I do, follow the blog so you won’t miss the next article. ” on e Bay recently and was intrigued as I had never heard of it before.English companies such as Raphael Tuck & Sons, De La Rue and Marcus Ward & Co.are in greatest demand – one card fetched nearly ,000!