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11 Apr

Important: If any issues occur during the updating, try to resolve them by using the operating system means.

The System Updates tool is only a front end for your system packages manager, such as In this chapter: Starting to Use the System Updates Tool Changing the Repositories of System Updates Updating System Packages Setting Up Notifications Viewing the Update Log Disabling the System Updates Tool Safe Updates For stability and reliability reasons, the System Updates tool installs updates for each package from the repository from which this package was initially installed. Disabling Safe Updates If you disable safe updates, the System Updates tool no longer ensures that the updates are installed from the same repository as an initial package.

How can you set up your Debian machine to get updates over Tor?

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This is important for high risk use cases like TAILS covers, but also it is useful to make it more difficult to do some kinds of targeted attacks against high-security servers.I’ve been using the `privoxy` method since that is what I got working in 2014 and it has been working reliably on multiple servers since then.Also, I need `privoxy` installed for another application anyway.A Tor Onion Service provides end-to-end encryption like the HTTPS connection.It also mixes up the traffic with lots of other traffic, so its not easy to see what traffic goes together.