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21 Feb

It looked great, no doubting that, but I'm struggling to see how it justifies being a "proper" sequel to GTA IV rather than a spin-off like Vice City and San Andreas. The best thing about the trailer was the location, 3 cities, lots of rural areas, mountains, differnat areas means diffetrnat cars, san andreas had a really good car list.

Hopefully the rumours of multiple playable protagonists is true. Hopefully it has lots of new cars not just ones from previous games.

The second trailer is coming Wednesday of next week (11-14-12)!

saw some of the promotional art, and there's a good amount of interesting things I found in some of them. Should be interesting.media.gamer.nl/site/dump/20121112104520-gtav_gnl_2012112_10media.gamer.nl/site/dump/20121112104504-gtav_gnl_2012112_08media.gamer.nl/site/dump/20121112104417-gtav_gnl_2012112_03media.gamer.nl/site/dump/20121112104409-gtav_gnl_2012112_02com/articles/2012/11/12/grand-theft-auto-5-reinventing-the-open-world-rulebook Preview of the game.

I mean the pickings are always a little slim for muscle car lovers in a GTA game, but I don't want this to wind up like Saints Row 3, where you only have 2 muscle cars to choose from, or 3 if you count the 'Reaper'. Having high speed crashes will also damage your health. (although in GTA IV you still can throw Niko off the windshield at high speed crash) Could be the first GTA to have more than 5 star wanted level anyway (and f-yea for the return of the military) But yea, #instant 2013 GOTY nominee.

Also, seeing a 4th generation Camaro would be nice, and maybe a Corvette stingray. This is because this verson have both 7 & XP and when i want play Most Wanted i choose Xp and when i play new games i chose 7ign.com/wikis/grand-theft-auto-5/Rumors_and_Leaks Leaked vehicle list (not the full one) from max paynes 3 code (rockstar did this with bully and red dead redemption) because they are names we can see some re-appear from GTA 4, the rhino is back, but the most interesting was the "snowplough" why would you need a snowplough with no snow? I hope they'll add the Walton of San Andreas i know I'm probably the only one, but i loved this truck XD I would also like if they add Formula 1, NASCAR (like in VC/SA), WRC cars, a tank with real tracks (not like the Rhino of SA which had tires), and, because i'm french, some imported french cars (like a Renault Le Car, Citron DS/SM, Peugeot 504 Bugatti Veyron, etc ^^ ) Another batch of shots are out.

as it was stated in the comments of the video somewhere, this is just a fake.

Also rare cars like the romero and regina should be more common, not just one appearance in the game.

I've tried just about all of the Windows fix-its and their update downloads.

Pictures for this video game were provided by: J-2 , Tycek , Silnev , Klumb3r , speedfreak975 , Jonathan6506 , JFK , XTh Un De RX , Attacker1997 , Black Bart , tupacserbia , Zoom Zoom , carcrasher88 , Gods Friend Chuck , robi , vocal95 , alatriste2003 , car-dude44 , Optare D , sajmon14 , Frankie Cheeks75 , Geo ZR177 , Loek , Mcthieve , Racedriver43 Newer games of GTA series, are going bad, in my opinion. Yes, trailer looks very promising, but this game is propably not gonna to be as revolutionary, as GTA1, or GTA III. The first one was..first one, and GTA III was the first in a 3d world, so its hard to beat that. Also, i dont care if its not revolutionary, as long as its fun and good, its perfect. Also hopefully there will be some more trailers for more cars.

Is it ME Or Do I See And Infiniti FX or Honda CRV or Subaru WRX Coupe at

v=Qkko HAzjn Us&feature=player_embedded And A Nissan Land rover Coupe SUV or Something like that And A Silverado Or What i think it is ok I'll re-submit the truck then, but it was definitely submitted as it did appear in the 'pictures provided' under my profile so one of the moderators must of deleted it, unless there was a glitch with the database-The game is set in modern-day Los Santos and surrounding countryside in the state of San Andreas -The cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas MAY NOT be included in GTA V.