Dicaprio dating 2016

25 Jan

Gaga fans have taken to Twitter to brand Leo "rude", arguing that he should have been more aware of Gaga's win, and the fact that she was making her way to the stage.

In case you're wondering, the show follows a group of classical musicians, struggling to make a living in New York.You can’t do that, you’ve gotta live in the now," she told him.It has been suggested that the reporter, who spoke in accented English and was most likely foreign, may have been using his phone to read a question. She's 28 years old, and her comedy-drama Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which Bloom both wrote and stars in, premiered on The CW in October last year. Her career was kickstarted in 2010 after she released a hit internet song, F--k Me Ray Bradbury (about her lustful infatuation with 90-year-old author Ray Bradbury).Bradbury himself was reportedly "charmed" by the tribute. She's very grateful to The CW, who picked up Crazy Ex-Girlfriend after it was dropped by Showtime, after a pilot was made and rejected.“The CW has supported us creatively every step of the way,” Bloom said, as she accepted her award last night.