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Seeing the ASA was attempting to dominate the country and bury the truth behind the Attacks, Hawkins and Jake teamed up to deliver the bomb to the Independent Republic of Texas and expose the conspiracy and, in so doing, started the Second American Civil War.Emily Sullivan-Prowse (portrayed by Ashley Scott) is Jonah Prowse's daughter and has lived in Jericho all her life.In doing so, however, Jake and Hawkins inadvertently started the Second American Civil War.Robert "Rob" Hawkins (portrayed by Lennie James) was, during most of Season 1, a complete enigma, with no one sure whether he was a good guy or bad guy.Hawkins proves his loyalty to Jericho over the course of Season 1.In Season 2, Hawkins and Jericho saw the rise of the ASA and its dominance over the country.He had secrets he was unwilling to share, even with his family.

Jake and the rest of Jericho witnessed the domination of the ASA and Jennings & Rall (J&R) over the town and the country at large, with Jake knowing first-hand how dangerous J&R was when it came to business dealings.These include secret communications with unknown persons through a locked laptop computer, the monitoring of shortwave radio messages, and the storage of a large unmarked barrel containing the 20-kiloton (kt) nuclear device that he was assigned to deliver to Columbus, Ohio, and detonate.He is later contacted by his associates, who know that he is lying to them.She and Jake Green were once engaged, but had a falling-out due to Jake's involvement with her father, Mitch Cafferty and her brother, Chris Sullivan, in a botched armed robbery which results in Chris's death.Emily almost hates Jake for a time, and is more strongly estranged from her father.