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08 Mar

I figured repeat business was a great way to show my gratitude for good quality products. I've been wanting a nice chuck like this for several years and the price enticed me to order it as a Christmas gift to myself (from my wife).The reviews look promising and it should do what I want to do with it.

I like the chuck, I have a similar One-way (with stepped jaws). The little Nova lathe, however, I am not quite as happy with. This has been a great chuck for me and I am just a "beginner". Your lathe does need a 1" 8-TPI RH thread size but if not they do offer adapters. If you go to their website and enter the model of this Chuck into their search engine it will show all the the thread adapters they have..I am sure they will have one in the thread size you mentioned. I Guess it would depend on what side your headstock is on!As we update our site, you might notice that some pages have a different appearance.We appreciate your patience while we work to bring you the best Canadian conversations in a new and innovative format that you can access from any device.The minimal 1.79" body length maximizes your distance between centers, and reduces stress on the spindle. Features: It was recommended in the Q&A section under the excelsior mini lathe I just purchased through Rockler.And since I was more than satisfied with the lathe.