Free cenme sex

05 Mar

Introduction: Free to Love - Jesse Pires Freed to Love? Hoberman Freedom to Watch: Making the World Safe for Hardcore Through Documentary - Eric Schaefer Seduction Time: Radley Metzger's "Score" and the Utopian Gesture - Elena Gorfinkel Film Stills Hey Look Me Over: The Films of Pat Rocco - Whitney Strub Radical Sex Education: Films & San Frncisco's Multi-Media Resource Centre - Herb Shellenberger Fight Repression of Erotic Expression: Discussion with A.

The essays examine key works and individuals associated with the cinema of the sexual revolution (Radley Metzger, Pat Rocco, Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen), and the book includes a DVD of three short films: Desire Pie (Lisa Crafts, 1976), A Quickie (Dirk Kortz, 1970) and Norien Ten (John Knoop, 1972).

Along with profanity and realistic violence, sex had entered movies and the mainstream. “It’s crazy to think there was a time when Time Magazine was writing about ‘I Am Curious (Yellow)’ and other controversial sex films,” Pires says, referring to the legendary Swedish quasi-documentary that became a surprise hit thanks to its realistic depiction of sex, including a girl planting a kiss on a flaccid penis.

Friday, February 14 I am Curious (Blue), Vilgot Sjoman, 1967, 107 min.

Free to Love looks at a selection of films from the 1960s and 70s, both commercial and experimental, to investigate how issues surrounding sexual liberation and the undoing of censorship laws manifested themselves in moving-image art from around the world.

, the International House will be running an amazing, month long film program compromised of over 60 films from the ’60s and ’70s that spotlight these swinging decades.

The program, called Free to Love: The Cinema of the Sexual Revolution, will focus on an era where both gender and sexuality were starting to appear on the silver screen in ways they never did before.