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02 Apr

Following his arrest at the hospital where he worked after the emergence of the graphic chat logs, police found at his home indecent pseudo-images of children aged four to 16 which had been digitally manipulated.

He told the jury: 'Initially, I was looking to find people with like minds and to see where they came from, but it soon spiralled down into trying to shock people enough that they would ask "Is this fantasy?

But after Bolinger's arrest for travelling to meet a 14-year-old girl with the apparent intention to rape, kill and eat her, police told Ms King her former friend had hoarded hundreds of photos of her.

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She reveals her story after the 58-year-old cannibal fetishist was yesterday jailed for nine years over a string of charges including a plot to behead and eat a girl he sexually groomed over the Internet.

Ms King and Bolinger had been friends for 17 years when he one day invited her to his home in Brockley, south east London, and tried to suffocate her with a rag soaked in noxious dry-cleaning fluid as she sat in his lounge. But afterwards Bolinger called her and pleaded with her not to tell police.

American national Bolinger was made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order (Sopo) to stop him using the internet without permission by judge Adele Williams, who said the case presented 'a unique set of facts'.'You lack any insight into your behaviour and fail to understand that right-minded people will find your behaviour abhorrent, shocking, repulsive and dangerous - dangerous because, by talking about these activities, there is always the risk that your fantasies will tip over into actions.

At his trial, chat logs were read out between Bolinger and users in which he referred to beheading a 14-year-old, eating children while their mothers watched, and cooking and eating a pregnant woman and her foetus.