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22 Mar

Every society has rights to human rites." MORE In order to bring about the socialist paradise embodied in the phrase, "From each according to ability, to each according to need," we must not only apply this principle to the productive and unproductive in society, but also extend it to the anti-productive, i.e., the criminal.

If reward is unrelated to the degree of production, then punishment should also be unrelated to the degree of criminality, i.e., anti-production.

MORE President Shabaaz-Kennedy and [his] [husband] toured the new Franken Center for the Criminally Obese in preparation for a visit by UN Secretary General Castro.

The Center's Progressive barrier-free design enabled [Mr.] Castro's cryogenic chamber access to every section of the facility.

In practical terms, the new legislation establishes a new energy regime called "greenergy," according to which supply will match demand based on need and not on any particular technology's ability.

Under this scheme, alternating current (AC) will be replaced with alternative current.

They suggest the term "human rights" is therefore both outmoded and racist as it would impose value for human life which some cultures don't accept.

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This also generates a positive feedback raising the pro vote beyond the 100% level. _id=5f09e77b7f5c933fa341430b4cdde3e9&_render=rss (HTTP Error: connection failed () in /home/content/57/5940557/html/includes/rsswidget/magpierss/rss_on line 238 As the entire People's Cube collective celebrated the New Year with extra rations of beet vodka, all wishing for a faster arrival of a better, centrally planned, state-subsidized, and more tractable future, our massively inebriated collective willpower somehow opened a wormhole in the temporal reality.At the same time, as we clanked our tin cups, some vodka spilled into the server's Motherboard and started a reaction that rearranged zeros and ones in the Mother Code, linking it to the People's Cube database as it will exist in the year 2100 instead of In a bid to free the nation from foreign oil and bring its carbon footprint to naught, Congressional Democrats passed a new law of thermodynamics, which states, "From each according to ability; to each according to need." This should lead to real energy independence once supply of energy becomes independent of its demand.You have to fight fire with fire." He continued, "The Precautionary Principle would seem to imply we act with caution, but as the consensus has passed the 100% tipping point, it no longer applies.This invokes the Post-Cautionary Principle meaning radical, precipitous action is now required.