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15 Mar

After I finished ordering what I thought was a free trial offer…I got worried and found this site. I told her there would not be a return fee if I refused the package.I cancelled my credit card immediately and called many numbers to try to cancel my order and subscription to no avail. She then stated that they don’t accept refused packages.Stories of women who “accidentally” discovered a miracle breakthrough in anti-aging by using one cream at night, and another cream in the morning.Honestly though, who doesn’t want to find a miracle cream to reverse the hands of time overnight?The abundance of ads on the internet for free trials of anti-aging products, as well as the hundreds of women who have been scammed and left comments on inspired me to write this post.

Oftentimes, the fine print is so far down the page that you won’t see it unless you scroll down, and most people don’t even notice it, and therein lies the problem – most don’t know what they’re signing up for!

My assumption was that I would not receive a refund for the .90 even if I return the shipment. I only thought I would try something cheap as it was the X-mas season and didn’t want to spend my usual .

So, instead of arguing with her I accepted the 50% off. If anyone is interested, Juice Beauty is an awesome product that DOES list its ingredients and you will see results.

You’ve probably seen the alluring ads with captivating headlines such as “Dr.

Oz Calls this a Miracle Cream,” or “Katie Couric’s Backstage Secret,” or “Shhhh Don’t Tell Covergirl.” The latest scam is the “as seen on Shark Tank” creams.