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25 Dec

Anyone with a Wi-Fi capable device can access the internet at any Zenbu wireless internet zone.Anyone with a broadband internet connection can easily set up their own Zenbu wireless zone and get paid when people use the internet at their place.Zenbu Networks Limited, which operates the Zenbu wireless network, is a private company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Now with 1017 Wi-Fi hotspots deployed Zenbu is the most popular wireless internet system for New Zealand's accommodation providers, is widely available in the Cook Islands and is also available in Australia.

The observations and student-reports provided similar descriptions of laptop activities.even if you're not too sure where you are yourself! Zenbu wireless is available at motels, hotels, backpackers, cafes, restaurants, bars, apartments, flats and houses around Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands.If you'd like to become part of the Zenbu wireless network you can order your own Zenbu wireless system here.Just connect the Zenbu wireless router to your broadband internet connection and you're ready to go!To access the internet at a Zenbu wireless zone users need only a Wi-Fi enabled device.